Douglas Herbert Fights Alongside Students and Parents in Sparta

(Sparta) – September 10, 2010 – Speaking outside of the recently closed Mohawk Avenue School to 70 parents and teachers, Doug said, “I came to Sparta because this neighborhood’s school, Mohawk Avenue School, had 300 students before it was closed due to budget cuts. This school represents what is happening to our students, families and educational system and employees across the Eleventh District.”

Doug emphasized, “When it comes to education, excuses have never been acceptable. We need to ensure that we have representatives down in Congress, who will make our children a priority.”

“My opponent, Rodney Frelinghuysen, has neglected his responsibility to the students of this District by consistently standing against programs, which would have helped them. When asked about Sparta’s crisis, Congressman Frelinghuysen threw his hands up and said, nothing can be done to help.  Then last month, he voted against the Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act that will put 3,900 hardworking New Jersey teachers back in their classrooms where they belong.”

“I would have voted for New Jersey’s and the nation’s children and voted yes on the bill. As a father of three, I know that it is vital that we keep our educational system strong. Unlike my opponent, I will not make a political gamble or place personal ambition above our children’s well-being and America’s ability to compete in the global marketplace.”

It has been 43 days since Doug challenged Congressman Frelinghuysen to have open and honest debates about the future of the Eleventh district. Frelinghuysen still has not responded.

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Douglas Herbert is a Chatham resident and an attorney with his own law firm in Brooklyn. Doug served for four years in the 2nd Armored Division in West Germany and parachuted with the 82nd Airborne Division. Doug majored in Political Science at Columbia University. Doug then went on to Seton Hall Law with his wife Marcy. They have three children ages seventeen, ten and five.