Herbert Delivers Winning Performance in WMTR Debate

On Sunday, Douglas Herbert, eight-term incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen, and Libertarian Jim Gawron faced off in the first of two scheduled debates at WMTR studio in Morristown.

Opening the debate, Doug said, “The people of this district deserve a representative who is going to go down to Washington and fight on their behalf.” Frelinghuysen opened his remarks by attacking Washington incumbents and Nancy Pelosi, in response, Doug said, “I would like to remind the Congressman that he is running against Jim and I. This election is about Rodney Frelinghuysen and his failed record.”

Asked about his recent vote against the ‘Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act’, which put 3,900 New Jersey teachers back to work, Frelinghuysen said, “I support Governor Christie’s education reforms, and thought it unwise to pass this bill before they’re complete.” Doug responded, “I support that bill, education is a long-term investment in our country, if we do not invest in education we will fall behind countries like China.”

Next, Frelinghuysen was pressed by a caller about the ‘Contract with America’, which he ran on in 1994, which among other things promised 12 year term limits. Frelinghuysen said, “I did not sign term limits.” Doug countered, “I support the 12 year term limits, because we need to stop the political elitism in Washington- Congressmen who go down to Washington just for themselves and their own political interests.”

A small-business woman called in from Parsippany and asked the Congressman why he voted against the ‘Small Business Lending Fund’. Frelinghuysen said, “In my opinion people aren’t going to make the right type of investments.” Doug said, “Small businesses are struggling, the Small Business Administration has said that 75 percent of new job creation is going to come from small businesses. This is exactly the type of bill we need to get America working again.”

In his closing remarks, Doug said, “The way we take America back is by taking Washington back from incumbents like Rodney Frelinghuysen on November 2nd.”