Vote for Douglas Herbert

My oldest son often stops by my campaign headquarters, and one night, on the drive home, we were discussing his plans for college. Inevitably – and I am sure many parents will attest to this – I began to think about his future. My son will soon be on his own, trying to forge his own path, and I wondered about the world he will inherit.

I thought about decisions that I have faced: my decision to drop out of College and join the Army, returning four years later to finish my degree; my decision to attend law school and eventually to open my own firm.

The decisions I made were difficult at the time, but now they seem clear. We are a country faced with tough decisions. One of them is the election this Tuesday, November 2nd.

We must ask ourselves, is the status-quo acceptable? If not, has Rodney Frelinghuysen shown independent leadership during this time of economic uncertainty?

Mr. Frelinghuysen has found himself in an unfortunate niche in Congress of late, the niche of a career politician. Having been in Congress for 16 years, he has increasingly given in to his party at the expense of our District.

Over the last two years, he voted against nine tax cuts for small businesses while simultaneously voting to bail out the banks.

He also talks about the importance of investing in education, yet two months ago, he voted against a deficit-neutral bill that saved the jobs of 3,900 New Jersey teachers.

We cannot take his supposed fiscal responsibility seriously with these votes. Moreover, the fact that in the midst of a recession he was one of only seven Congressmen to increase their pork-barrel projects illustrates how out of touch he is with our District’s values.

The Eleventh District deserves a Congressman with strong economic and fiscal policies. As a small business owner, I understand that small businesses are the engine of our economic growth. That is why I have proposed a three-point plan to jumpstart small businesses. I will fight to provide payroll tax credits to small businesses that hire Americans who are out of work. I will fight to expand guaranteed loan programs and credit lines that will provide small businesses with the resources to grow. Lastly, I will fight for investments and tax credits for competitive research grants that will help the Eleventh District innovate. As a result, our district can expect new, high paying, and secure jobs.

While focusing on the current jobs crisis, I will not ignore the long-term threat of crippling debt. If we continue to pass deficit budgets, an unsustainable future will be the legacy we pass on to our children, and that is unacceptable. The Eleventh District deserves a Congressman who understands that.

After 16 years, Rodney Frelinghuysen has forgotten his obligation to our District. After 16 years, I ask you to give me a chance. I will fight to create jobs and to help our small businesses, and I will never jeopardize the competitiveness of our nation. I ask that you vote for me on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Douglas Herbert