Fixing New Jersey and America


It is time for Congress to act aggressively to help get hardworking New Jerseyans and Americans back to work. In Congress, Doug will work to combat unemployment and help businesses create jobs and new opportunities. This can be accomplished by businesses earning payroll tax credits for hiring new employees and for rehiring those who lost their jobs and by guaranteeing loans and credit lines to small businesses. In addition, the Federal government can do more to help the States and municipalities avoid lay-offs of critical personnel.


In order to help small businesses gain access to the resources necessary to grow, Doug has proposed a three-point plan:

1. Doug will fight to provide payroll tax credits for small business that hire and rehire Americans currently unemployed.

2. Doug will fight to expand government guaranteed loan programs and credit lines to small businesses. As a small-business owner himself, Doug knows that access to capital is a primary concern for many small business owners now. We cannot sit back and allow small businesses to suffocate while Congressmen like Rodney Frelinghuysen approve billions of dollars in big bank bailouts.

3. Lastly, it is time that the Eleventh District has a Congressman who will support innovation and high-tech job creation. Through investments in research and a tax credit so that businesses can innovate, Doug will work to bring new, high-tech jobs to the Eleventh District. He will not accept the status-quo; there are real steps we can take to create new high-paying and secure jobs.


Doug will be a fiscally responsible leader. Once America is working again, he will fight to reduce our deficit and return our country to economic prosperity. Assistance to those affected by the economic downturn must be coupled with a long-term vision. We cannot ignore the ever-growing deficit. Doug believes that Congress must enact policies that will lead to a balanced budget within seven years. He will work tirelessly to create American jobs while simultaneously advocating for economic policies that provide for a fiscally sound future for our children. Read More


In an increasingly interconnected and globalized economy, we must properly educate and train our children to compete. Creating greater educational opportunity for students in New Jersey and across America will allow for long-term success. Tuition repayment programs, coupled with post-grad community service, should be encouraged as a path to increase youth involvement in public service and to make higher education more affordable. We must stem the skyrocketing costs of college education, because the cornerstone of our nation is the promise that if you study and work hard you will be able to succeed. Read More


Our nation should pursue a comprehensive energy strategy that includes increased efficiency as well as the development of green energy sources, such as solar and wind power and innovative biofuels. By implementing green solutions to our energy crisis, we can protect our air, water and land while also creating jobs and reducing energy costs. Read More


The ever-growing partisan gap in Washington is hurting our country and failing to provide the necessary solutions for hardworking Americans. The 11th District needs a Congressman who stands with his constituents, instead of with special and party interests.


The American people deserve a healthcare system that provides quality care while maintaining affordability and accessibility. The best approach allows for the open flow of information and competition, so that the patient can make an informed decision.


Having served as an Infantryman for four years following high school, Doug understands the great debt our nation owes to our brave soldiers. In Congress, Doug will work tirelessly to ensure that the men and women who serve our nation will receive the care they so rightly deserve. He will ensure that the military hospitals and the VA are properly funded, because in too many cases, our nation has failed veterans returning from the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq. New Jersey veterans deserve a leader who will not only speak, but fight for them.